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BrainTap Radio: Activate Your Brain's Peak Potential

Apr 26, 2018

On this week’s episode of BrainTap Radio, we speak with Dan DeFigio about sugar addiction and stress eating and how changing your mindset can change your habits. Tune in now to learn about beating your sugar addiction.


Dan DeFigio is a well-known fitness and nutrition expert, and the founder of...

Apr 19, 2018


On this week's episode, we speak to Henry O'Connell of Canary Speech, LLC about technological advances in using analytical tools for speech and language to help identify and treat neurological conditions such as concussions and Alzheimer’s disease.


Mr. Henry O'Connell serves as the Founder and Chief...

Apr 12, 2018

On this week's episode, we talk to Dr. Kathy Gruver about the mind-body connection and practices you can apply to improve your life. 

Kathy Gruver, PhD has graced stages on three continents, two cruise ships and a handful of islands (including TEDx). Her combination of humor, performance background, real life experience...

Apr 5, 2018

On this week’s episode of BrainTap Radio, we speak with Dr. David Harper about functional medicine and the importance of brain health to overall wellbeing.


Dr. Dave grew up in Oakville, attending O.T.H.S. in the late 70’s.  Choosing the path of Chiropractic at an early age, he graduated from C.M.C.C. in Toronto in...